I am a physician trained in multiple disciplines. I worked as a resident for two years in General Surgery, which exposed me to the surgical specialties such as neurosurgery and thoracic surgery. I then spent 17 years in emergency medicine, then did a masters in biostatistics, which gave me insight into how scientific method is used to make decisions to livelongfeelgood. I then did a residency in internal medicine and fellowship in cardiology. I am very familiar with ALL the medical subspecialties. I understand the recommendations and prescriptions of livelongfeelgood that are validated by the research that we have developed and depend on.

I am board certified in Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Nuclear Medicine, Echocardiology, and CT cardiology. I am currently licensed to practice medicine in Michigan.

I am also a student of the psychology of livelongfeelgood. I’ve extensively researched evolution, genetics, religion, consciousness, and the concept of god. Americans struggle to feel happy even though our basic needs are met. Our environment is extremely influential in shaping how we feel. We can’t always change what happens but we CAN change how we respond and exist in it. It’s a journey with a lot of revelations and joy along the way. Let me help you!