There is evidence that religion has been around since the beginning of early homo sapiens. For the most part, religious beliefs are a unique human experience. We’ve evolved over thousands of years and religion is stronger than ever. Let’s explore why in future blogs.  


Biostatistics is the quintessential tool that our species has developed over centuries so we may alter our behavior and make decisions to affect the best outcome in the future. This refined process is relatively new, but so impactful! Just this past century, by applying this science, we have effectively doubled the lifespan of individuals and bestowed increased Quality of Life. Biostatistics relies on logic to help us make decisions that promote livelongfeelgood.


The human concept of god requires a higher level of conciousness than other species. Is this belief necessary for our survival? Is god real? It depends on how god is defined. Let’s explore this in further blogs.



It has been said that every fertile organism is the same species as its parents. That cannot be true in the context of evolution. In fact, that is the opposite of evolution. Small random changes occur that lead to survival advantage in individuals that eventually lead to the development of new species. This doesn’t mean it’s a slow process, but does take generations of individuals to become evident.