I’ve had several discussions with religious scholars who are on a journey of enlightenment, who seek true peace through knowing god. They often refer to the “sonship” in their discussions. As we were reading a text out loud, this word was contained in a sentence. I was amazed to discover the spelling was different from what I had interpreted. I had always thought of the word as “sunship,” which beautifully explains the concept that we are one with the sun, attached inextricably by gravity, hurling through space as a unit. According to nasa.gov, the sun travels at about 450,000 miles per hour around the center of our milky way galaxy, and we are all on board with the sun as our vessel. 

It was explained to me that “sonship” refers to a kinship with god as part of a family. The slightly different concept of “sunship,” that is, knowing god through an awareness and appreciation of the power and vastness of the universe, provides a tantalizing version of this explanation.