Our bodies evolved in a gravitational environment. We can’t “see” gravity, so we often forget about it, but we can’t live without it. Gravity keeps our oxygenic atmosphere conveniently outside our noses. It draws rain to soil so plants that sustain us can flourish. Every earthly creature depends on it. It’s a constant force that surrounds us like a cozy blanket. As we move through this world, the energy we exert that is necessary to counteract the tug that it exerts helps us make new cells to rejuvenate our bodies. To fulfill livelongfeelgood, we need to stay upright and mobile for as long as we can. That means we need to engage with gravity and use it as a tool to strengthen our muscles. But it’s also a force that continuously pulls us downward, until we ultimately succumb at the end of our lives and allow the earth to envelope us.

Gravity can be thought of as a god-like force that protects us and nourishes us. We are never without it. Gravity has been there since the beginning of time. It exists throughout the vast universe. We know we will dissolve deeper into its presence when we die. Yet we can find comfort that in its immense power, it has been and forever will be an earthly provider for all living things, past, present, and yet to come. “Gravity” has the qualities of a benevolent, timeless, omnipresent god. Every time our foot hits the ground, every breath we take, every time we see birds fly or enjoy a babbling creek, we can be grateful for this presence.