Healthy Habits

The Five Healthy Habits

Health, according to Oxford languages, is the state of being free from illness or injury.  The word “health” conveys an image of happy people thriving in a joyful coexistence. Good health allows us to contribute to society, fulfill our personal needs, and enjoy our time on earth with family and friends.

Every person can invest in maintaining their individual health. Staying healthy results in livelongfeelgood. We need to understand our human needs to participate and succeed.

Research has shown that there are five healthy habits that contribute to livelongfeelgood. I hope you choose to come along!

1. Movement. Staying mobile and flexible is an important part of a happy healthy life. As a cardiologist, I see a big difference in people who regularly exercise vs those that don’t, and the divergence begins as early as people in their twenties. Those who adopt an exercise strategy early on stay more active and have fewer injuries as they age.

2. Nutrition. Our bodies are living vessels that house our consciousness and spirit. They need basic components to thrive, such as protein and calcium which are building blocks for muscles and bone. Carbohydrates provide energy, but unless you have the metabolism of an athlete it’s easy to overindulge because carbs are a big component of most snacks, breakfast cereals, and side dishes. Limiting carbs and sugar is the first step to a healthy diet.

3. Engagement. We are a social species. A large part of our brain is devoted to facial recognition and emotional communication. Engaging with others in positive situations is crucial to our survival and overall happiness. We have accomplished our greatest feats when we cooperate to achieve common goals. In the last century, people working together through research and social programs have been able to DOUBLE the average lifespan for those who have access to the appropriate care. There have been quite a few notable inventions in the recent past, but that feat may be the most amazing accomplishment of all. Staying engaged can mean volunteering, babysitting, and even smiling at the grocery store clerk. Complement others and you will feel better!

4. Learning. Staying healthy means keeping an open mind to new ideas. Research shows that those who keep learning are less susceptible to dementia. Have a goal to learn something new every day.  Keep up on news, voice an opinion, but be able to quote a reliable source to back your views.

5. Gratitude. Have you ever heard the comment that someone is “growing old gracefully”? This is a complement to an individual as they deal with increasing challenges that come with age. This usually means that the person is living their life in a State of Gratitude. They are thankful for the good things in life that they enjoy and are happy. They are likeable and easy to be around because they let go of judgement and find peace in their situation.

These five healthy approaches can become habits of a long and prosperous life. If you want to participate in more of livelongfeelgood please return to my website!