W.A.V.E. stands for Women of AmbitionVirtue, and Empowerment. The more I find out about the incredible contributions women have made to our knowledge base and social advancement, the more amazed I am at how they persevered in their focus to achieve their vision. And there are so many examples!

Ambition. It’s true that women work twice as hard to be considered half as good. It’s a challenge to keep up with the demands of a career and home. WAVEs have shown that it can be done. They tackle hurdles with determination and grace.

Virtue. What an old-fashioned word! Women of virtue used to be held in high esteem. According to vocabulary.com, Virtue is the “quality of being morally good.” Although it may have had different connotations with regards to social standards at a given time, it never really goes out of style. It means doing the right thing, especially when no one is watching. WAVEs follow their moral compass even when another route might be easier. They do not compromise their ethics.

Empowerment. Women have worked hard for centuries to earn the right to vote, get equal education, have a satisfying career, be treated fairly, and spend quality time with family and friends. These rights are held dear, since many women worldwide are deprived of them. It has been a combined effort of men AND women to accomplish these goals, and it remains a continuous effort to ensure that they are not eroded. WAVEs use these opportunities to attain their vision, confirming that empowering women alongside men is an advantage to our society overall.

When you see the W.A.V.E. logo, it means the blog or book review is about women with the above qualities and what we can learn from their stories. Some authors use historical fiction to portray the situations that a real person would face at that time; others have researched their subjects and try to be as historically accurate as possible. All the stories are filled with inspiration and passion. I hope you enjoy and appreciate these incredible characters!